(Mediocre) Orlando – Java Girls

Java Girls Logo

Java Girls Logo

When I created this blog, I was going to limit posts to just amazing places in Florida.  I found in my travels, however, that I have a problem.  There are places that don’t live up to their hype.  Places that seem promising or advertise a new twist on an old idea, but fail to deliver.  Since I do not want to waste the effort I put into exploration, I have created a new category for this blog, “mediocre” places.  When you see (Mediocre) in the title of a post, you know that the place is thoroughly “meh” and can safely be passed over or mocked.

Such a place is Java Girls in Orlando.

Promising to be the coffee shop version of bikini carwash or Hooters, it doesn’t live up to its own hype.  Their website prominently displays pictures of lingerie and bikini clad young women and promises visitors the “ultimate specialty coffee experience”.  This could not be further from the truth.

Java Girls Stand

Java Girls Stand

Looking at the website, you envision a smaller version of Hooters where you can sit and be waited on by beautiful young women.  What you find instead is a run down stand with drive thru and walk up only service.  The building is easy to miss as it is an out parcel of a large shopping plaza on Lee Road in Orlando and the parking lot is difficult to navigate.  Go to the drive thru and expect some frustrations as you maneuver around the tiny building.  As specialty coffee preparation is inherently slow, also be prepared for a wait and potentially long lines.  Their website is advertising a second location opening soon near UCF.  Hopefully that location will be easier to find.

Java Girls Menu

Java Girls Menu

If you choose to walk up, you have to walk across the drive thru lane to get from the parking area to the walk up service window.  There are a couple of outdoor tables at which to sit and a nice sign (grammatical errors aside) displaying their menu.  There is the standard selection of hot (Hot & Steamy in Java Girl Speak), iced, and blended coffee drinks, cookies, muffins, and sandwiches.

When you look inside the establishment, you do not find ZZ Top video that is portrayed on the website.  The young women that work there are indeed beautiful, but they cannot always be wearing lingerie or bikinis.  Also, the interior is fairly messy.  I ordered a coffee and a muffin.  The muffin was not fresh and was stored in the refrigerator.  It had to be microwaved before it could be given to me.  In any case, there is no space on the counter for a rack for baked goods.  Both the coffee and reheated muffin turned out to not be very good.  Both the half finished coffee and half finished muffin went into the trash at my next stop.

Inside the Java Girls Stand

Inside the Java Girls Stand

If you are in the Lee Road area and are looking for a good cup of coffee, I suggest going to the College Park or Orlando Ave areas and steering clear of Java Girls…unless, of course, you are not looking for good coffee, but going for coffee to get a good look.

Java Girls

910 Lee Road
Orlando, FL
(407) 622-0601

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