Orlando – Beefy King

The Beefy King Sign

The Beefy King Sign on Bumby Ave in Orlando

No review of relatively unknown, but amazing places near Orlando would be complete without Beefy King.  What is a Beefy King, you ask?  Beefy King opened in 1968 as a chain restaurant.  The chain failed, but the location in Orlando survived and has been a landmark ever since.  If you are driving on Bumby Ave, north of downtown Orlando, you cannot miss the iconic sign.

XL beef, tots, and a coke

XL beef, tots, and a coke

The faire is simple: sandwiches, salads, sides, and drinks.  Where they excel is in their roast beef.  The name of the establishment is Beefy King, after all.  The majority of customers order a roast beef, tatter tots, and a coke.  The sandwiches come in sizes, regular, large, and extra large.  All sandwiches are prepared to order.  There are also a variety of BBQ sauces and other condiments available.

Roast Beef Sandwich

Is the roast beef rare? Yes it is.

When you enter the parking lot, you may believe you have gone back in time.  That’s most likely because the decor has not changed since the 1960s and you wouldn’t want it to.  There is something special about sitting at a table, worn with age, enjoying a juicy roast beef sandwich, a bag of “Beefy Spuds”, and a fountain coke, knowing at least 3 generations have done so before you.  You get the sense that you are a part of something lasting, something sturdy, something special.  It is rare that something that started as an also-ran to McDonald’s would become something so authentic.  Then again, it is rare that a chain store becomes the bedrock of a neighborhood while everything around it changes.

The next time you’re in Orlando, take the time to go to Beefy King and step into a quintessential example of 20th century Americana.

Beefy King at Work

Beefy King at Work

Beefy King

424 N Bumby Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 894-2241


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