Leesburg – Polish Delicatessen

Polish Deli Storefront

Polish Deli Storefront

There is a Polish Deli  you have to visit if you are ever near Leesburg, Florida.  Why you ask?  Because they make their own kielbasa.  Not only do they make one kind, but several: fresh, smoked, double

A small section of the cold case

A small section of the cold case

smoked, garlic, extra garlic, light garlic, spicy hunter’s, and more.  Not only do they make polish sausage, but other kinds of sausage as well.  In addition, they have other kinds of preserved meats and Eastern European products.  When you walk in the store, the woman behind the counter greets you in accented English and the smell of garlic makes you instantly hungry.  This place is the real deal.

Even though the whole cold case full of various sausages beckons you, their best product is the kielbasa.  This is not some mass produced brand that looks and tastes like bologna.  In the cross section of a hefty link, you will find large chunks of pork that would have been an entire mouthful on their own.  You specify the amount you want, not by weight, but by the number of coils you wish to purchase.  Only then is the mass of meat measured and priced.  Be aware, that your trip home will be a tortuous one.  The smell of the kielbasa will haunt you the entire way.  It doesn’t matter if you put it in a bag or in your trunk.  The smell will permeate through your vehicle and be a siren song,  tempting you to dash your diet against the rocks of preserved pork.

You have been warned.


Polish Delicatessen
1322 W North Blvd (Rt 441)
Leesburg, FL 34748
(352) 365-1747

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